Kimberly Buchanan

LOL! Yes, Baxter worked well with all the chaos! My dogs would have been arguing over who is working and who is getting rewarded. 😉 I do think having the other dogs in the space affected how he worked the search, tho’, as I note regarding the 3rd hide.

Not directing which way to go after finding a hide;

Baxter moved off beautifully from the first hide. He did not hesitate to investigate the bedroom. Cleared it, came back to the first hide and then moved off down the hallway and found the second hide. Kind of hard to stay out of Baxter’s way and with the other two there in a tight space so it’s not really a good indication of this method. Trying to get the other dogs out of the way interrupted the process. Also, based on the angle of the camera, it appears you may have been blocking Baxter from going down the stairs where the 3rd hide was located? Your body position would tell him to stay up there. Yet, Baxter not finding any more, goes back to a previous hide. GOOD DOG!!! 🙂

I would experiment again with the same thing. You should go and support him as you would normally when he chooses a direction and moves off the hide. It’s just a matter of not directing him in which way to go initially.

I see Baxter’s confusion in this search more a matter of circumstances rather than anything else and he returned to what was there. I think had the other dogs not been there he’d probably have made his way down the stairs to the final hide. OR, possibly that hide was drifting down and not up so that Baxter didn’t fully detect it as he ran past.

Kimberly Buchanan
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