Deb (De) Frost

I started training Baxter in late 2012. Passed our ORT spring 2013, earned his NW1 9/2013 (1st trial-Pronounced!).
Note: to date, we have exactly 2 trial opportunities per year in Alaska.

Baxter earned his NW2 in 5/2014 (2nd trial). Ran FEO in another NW2 trial in 9/2014 because (thank goodness, in hindsight) there were no NW3 trials in Alaska yet then. Earned Pronounced, but not on record because it was FEO. ?

We totally BLEW our 1st NW3 trial 5/2015 – lack of experience on MY part – it was only our 4th ever trial! ??
Earned our 1st NW3 title 9/2015.
Missed again 5/2016 <sigh> entirely due to me making one bad call. Our next try is next month – 8/2016.

Totally addicted. I started my older girl, 9-yr-old Abby, last year. She earned her NW1 in 5/2016. ?