Deb (De) Frost

    OK … I’m going to finish out Movie Week with a giggle and a groan. 🙂

    Please go ahead and watch the video before reading the comments that I make below the video, OK? The INTENTION of this video (set up and run two days ago) was to try to do what you (Kim) suggested – try to reward at source, then send Baxter on to keep searching WITHOUT moving away or gesturing him away from the hide he is on.

    There were three hides along our stairway and upstairs hallway (we only get to two of them before all heck breaks loose … :)). You’ll note, I hope, the baby-gate at the bottom of the stairs. This was in place to keep our other two dogs (Abby and Falki) OUT of the search area. That was the idea, anyway. It USUALLY works fine. 😉

    The three hides had been cooking for several hours – the dogs and I had agility class, so Falki was out in the play yard while Baxter, Abby and I were at class. When we came home later, I gave everyone a break, then set Baxter up in his NW harness, got my treats out (sorry about the plastic bag of cheese – I’d misplaced my treat pouch at agility class), and we got started.

    Baxter took off at a dead run as soon as I opened the gate – my opinion is that all that odor, cooked for several hours, was really pouring down the stairs – or, at the very least, he was well aware that it was up there. As so often happens, he headed for the highest, furthest hide first and pegs it before I ever make it up the stairs. That was beautifully done and I was very happy with him. I stayed in place after rewarding him, and told him to “Find More”. He dithered for a few seconds (he is not used to me NOT moving away, I think), then went to check out the bedroom. He cleared that room in about 8 seconds (am I wrong about that? Boy, a clearer “Nope, nothing in here” would have been hard to find, eh?), then returned to the first hide (again, not his norm) and then finally started checking his way back down the hallway.

    THEN … oh my. This next part was NOT intentional. Sigh.

    But you have to admit, Baxter IS a persistent hunter in the face of distractions, isn’t he? <L> I had to finally turn the camera off before we (all of us!) ended up in a heap at the bottom of the stairs – and before we got to the third hide.


    My question persists though – what would be the best way to transition Baxter into getting me accustomed to NOT making my usual (to him) back-up and move on “moves”? He normally does NOT return multiple times to the same hide(s). I see this behavior as a confusion reaction to my sticking to a hide and not (again, in his mind, I think) not releasing him to keep moving and continue the hunt. He acted like he thought (distractions aside) that I WANTED him to stay there. ?? Hmmm ….