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Kimberly Buchanan

There are a few things you could do, depending on what might work best for Joey.

One thought is to just re-set and re-cue. Make it easy for Joey to have success.

You could put him up and make the search easier, even with pairing.

Another idea: You give him first shot at the search. If he farts around more than 30 seconds, he goes back to the car and you get Corky out. Corky is now you “favorite!” HE gets to search and HE gets the rewards instead of Joey. Then bring Joey back out and see if he’s ready to work. If yes, that’s great! If not, he goes back to the car and you either repeat or go home and try another day.

Get creative while still trying to keep Joey interested in the game! 🙂

Kimberly Buchanan
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