Terry Wright and Kai

Thanks Kim for all of your comments and suggestions they are so very helpful!

Yes he did check in with his *fan* club through all the searches we held yesterday. We did the playground equipment that Linda showed in her video, he even went up to Sandy who was sitting on a close by bench to check her out 🙂

Yes I should have walked to the end of the building and back towards the odor area, or I could have taken him back the way we came and go back on the left side of the Fireweed. Seems as tho I got stuck.

COB = Change of behavior, right?

I love Movie of the Week !! I love sharing the videos where you and others can comment.
Our little group have just made a Facebook page where we can share photos and videos receive comments and suggestions 🙂

Love your classes Kim…
I’ve got a couple of videos that I can explain in the exterior SOTHMC class. And will be going to different places in near future.

Terry Wright