Kimberly Buchanan

He’s such an eager boy! 🙂

Ok, I see a few things that might be helpful;

One – and you can give more detail here – is since you are re-using the search areas and it seems these searches are fairly quick after each other, it appears that you may be setting non-odor containers on top of where odor containers have recently been? It’s possible you have shifted things. But if this is the case, this can create a lot of confusion for the dogs, especially in containers. Consider that they are contained hides so harder (or unlikely) able to put their noses on source. Then a lingering odor in the same place. In the dog’s mind: “Does that container have odor or does it not?” Hunter checks in with you to verify.

Hunter checks in with you a lot to see what cues you will give him. I know you’re at a much more advanced level, but I think I might take a few steps back and not “test” for awhile. Meaning, dive in and pay at the very first hesitation at an odor container and don’t move away to see if he’ll stay. There is something going on that is giving you two a disconnect and I think that’s part of it. (We don’t see this in any of your other searches.)

Also, Hunter passes by many containers w/o checking them. The paint cans especially. I would suggest you experiment a little bit in not moving forward until he checks each container. This is counter to how you are working them now, but it might give him the sense that he needs to work what is in front of him while he’s there. You could also experiment with a little bit of presentation. Just don’t stand there waiting for a response. Present and shift/move slightly so you’re not “selling” anything. (Dave/Bodie have a good example of this.) I will use this if I think my dog wants to skip something and I really do not want to repeat a search area. Number one, I get lost. Number two, I can’t count. So I really don’t know if it’s the same or different container my dog is indicating when we go back. It’s bitten me in the behind way too many times. So now I’ve changed how I work containers! 🙂

I also wondered if both search areas are set with odor at one time? Hunter seems determined to head to the far side to gather up the odor rather than checking what is immediately in front of him and that may be partly what is happening. ?


Kimberly Buchanan
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