Where I had to slice the videos together, he had found the hide on the hinge, but IPhone run out and didn’t catch it.
I took the hide down as I was thinking we were done filming, but I then remembered my Cannon Elph Camera which doesn’t get much use since the IPhone 🙂 So, I didn’t think about put that hide back up when we restarted the search.

What I noticed with this search was
1. He was sticking close to the vehicles, doing pretty good at checking out all of the vehicle 🙂
2. He was happy searching with his tail up and curled 🙂

Most of the time with vehicles he seems to wonder off. I do play the running rabbit with him from time to time with a vehicle, well kind of a version of it 🙂

We did two searches, this was the second one. Same figuration, changed hides and changed the start line.
I was pretty happy with both searches. Vehicles have been a tough one for him.

Terry Wright