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Carolyn Murray

    We headed back to campus today and met our training partner around 12:30. The first thing she mentioned when I pulled up was how busy it was….and boy was it ever! Lots of people visiting and walking around campus. Lots of people walking dogs, biking with dogs, etc. Not always what a couple gals with shepherds want to see, but we soldiered on.

    Three hides:
    * One set on a set of doors that were well recessed in a building (think cave).
    * One set along wood siding
    * One set on a stone wall

    Scout ran first, unpaired. She raced into the first search area and straight back to the doors. 11 seconds- done.

    Next hide was serious handler error. I couldn’t figure out why she was unfocused and all over the place. Well, she had to poop! The good news is the whole thing was filmed? Anyway, I restarted her maybe a bit too soon. She was slightly unfocused and took about 5 to 10 seconds to get back down to business. Overall, she figured it out in about 23 seconds. I’ll know better next time.

    Finally, she worked a little more of the area around the stone wall than I expected her to, but found the hide in about 16 seconds.

    Overall I think Scout is remaining very focused on the job at hand. I’m very happy with her.

    Cooper ran third today – all his hides were paired. Of course, when the dog that’s reactive to the universe in general runs…guess what happens? Suddenly all sorts of new people seem to start converging towards the search area. Ugh! Thankfully I was able to avoid pulling him out of a search once he started and he did settle in to search the various areas and found all his hides. So, as far as I’m concerned, it was a successful effort on both of our parts.

    I guess if my quest is to truly find more urban like settings to search this month, I think we succeeded today!