Deb (De) Frost

So Kathryn, (playing devil’s advocate here …) What if the other hide is 5′ further on? If your body language (or leash pressure) are telling her to go back to the perimeter search, how long will it take to find that 2nd hide?

NOT that you are wrong – many, if not most trainers teach us to keep a general pattern in mind and try to return to it when you can so you are sure you’ve covered the whole area. Heck, I remember one particular search at camp where following that advice would have given me much better results! Arrggh!

BUT (Kim, feel free to jump in anytime), as we work NW3 and above, I am seeing that we need to walk a fine line between supporting the dog and staying out of their way. Hides CAN be closer together, there could be lots of them, and time can be a big issue type. The dog could pick up another hide whose scent cone is converging with hide #1, etc., etc.

Without freezing in place, how do you send your dog on to the next hide without influencing the direction?