Kimberly Buchanan

How funny! Yes, it had to be a different student, same search! 🙂

Ok, let’s take a look….

First off, good boy Hunter! 🙂

What was it that made you hesitate at the threshold hide? Just that it was so fast? I know how hard it is to make those fast decisions! However, Hunter had a very clear change of behavior responding to odor and looked at you for communication. He is sensitive enough, however, to be pulled off of odor. You were smart to stick with the problem and support him the second time.

I think the fact that Hunter investigated the front half of the search (from the video angle) and then went back to the threshold hide said that there was nothing more in that area. I might have even paid him again (:43) and again at (1:33) after finding hide #2 and clearing the rest of that back half.

Had you seen a change of behavior of just wanted to be certain before calling “finish” at (1:54)? What is interesting is that Hunter also goes back to hide #2 and then starts looking at you at (1:24, 1:28), goes back to hide #1 at (1:34-glad you paid him), looks at you at (1:38) and (1:54). He’s more than willing to keep looking for you but he seemed to be saying he was done and as you say, he went into visiting mode. 🙂 Did you feel like you were done before then or no?

The only suggestion about covering your search area might have been to go behind the woodshed(?) since it was a definite break in the search area. But it really didn’t seem as tho’ it would have made any difference in this search. Good job! 🙂

Kimberly Buchanan
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