Kimberly Buchanan

    Wow, that was so pretty! The head-snap in the grass was so nice!

    It does appear that Scout catches odor near the wall and then makes a change of direction. It could be that she actually used YOU as a break in the air current to determine exactly where odor was coming from. And yes, that is a body cue that she is working odor. 🙂

    Another strategy would have been to follow her to the doors and let her choose when to turn back. There had to be odor collecting in that door niche and it might be something to work on, letting her decide whether odor is there or behind her. with the cracks so deep and with odor having cooked for around an hour there was likely quite a bit of odor moving thru the cracks.

    An interesting experiment might be to set up two similar searches, one with a hide in the niche area with wind blowing into it and a different search with a hide placed similar to this one. Make sure you follow Scout without the same leash limitations to see if she can figure out how to work each of the hides. It would give her good exposure and you a chance to find out what she looks like and if you can believe her to make these decisions. Super hard to do when you know where the hides are but do your best to pretend. 🙂

    Kimberly Buchanan
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