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Cheryl Winblad

Today I wanted to to test what would happen if I showed up a new location and did exterior containers right out of the car, with little time to adjust. Went to a park set 6 boxes and 1 scent box on on a large expanse of concrete. For Corkie I paired. Let Corkie have 30 secs. to absorb the surroundings, then we started the search. He trotted through the boxes like a line backer knocking them every where, showing little interest in them. Went past the odor box suddenly about 2 ft away Corkie does the head whip and zeros in grabs his treat. Then rather than stay at odor he just keep walking on. I reload odor box with treat and tried 2nd a time, he goes right to the odor box I was much quicker to give him a reward at source and not let Corkie wander off.