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Cheryl Winblad

Today I wanted to to test. What would happen if I showed up a new location and did exterior containers right out of the car, with little time to adjust. Went to a park set 6 boxes and 1 scent box on concrete 1 foot in from grass. Took Joey out let him absorbs some of the surroundings for 30 secs. Then said find it, well 15 secs of just sniffing grass, 30 secs of multi tasking, found the box but did not alert more or less just keep going. Let him continue multi tasking around boxes, finally he settle down and worked the boxes and alerted. I’m getting much better at discerning if he is crittering , checking pee spots or searching. He is pretty good at doing all at once.

Not sure how to improve his getting right to the task, when there is so many distractors.