Terry Wright and Kai

thanks for fixing the header 🙂

I went through some of my older youtube NW videos to start with. I plan to start getting some tomorrow for our exterior class that I will share later.

This one was this spring on our front deck, the sun was out and a slight breeze coming off the lake. Unpaired, known hide. It was the second hide in one search, I trimmed the first on off.

It was between the two stacked chairs in the back of back rest. The backs are slotted.

It’s a quick one don’t blink 🙂

Right at the start I see that I am slow slow slow, I should have rewarded him at like .02 seconds! I wait a few seconds and he *shows* me again, only more to the center/left. I reward him.

I struggle with these kind of hides… he alerted to right-ish corner of the back of chair, but the hide was more to the center or towards the left.

I’m thinking that I should have rewarded him when he gave me such a nice alert (looked at me). But then I doubted myself thinking he needed to be over more towards the hide. Then I’m thinking.. well the odor could be out anywhere in the back or the front of the back rest, so if he would have put his paws on the seat of the chairs and alerted me to the back rest I could have called alert??

Appreciate comments and suggestions…

Terry Wright