Kimberly Buchanan

    Welcome back Sarah & Angie! 🙂

    To begin the search you do a nice job a the threshold. You don’t body pressure Angie into the room and she finds the trash can hide. Yeah!

    I did watch all of the video and noticed that Angie bopped between the two rooms. In the beginning you called her back but didn’t finish out the first room when she went into the second and worked that area. She WAS working the podium hide. We see her lift her head at (:27) and notice something *up* on that area by working the blackboard wall. I think if you’d called her back and asked her to continue working the podium/blackboard area and stood on the side of the blue chair she may have solved that problem earlier. Easier to see in retrospect (look behind you!) but she left it to go to the other room. Overall not a bad thing to come back to a hide. However, this is a BIG search area. IMO it’s better to finish the problem before moving on.

    Angie finds two hides in room #2 then comes back to room #1. We can’t really see how she covered the second room so I don’t know if she checked all the corners and perimeter?

    What I notice with Angie back into Room #1 is that YOU do a nice job of working the perimeter but not so sure Angie does? She then does a good job of working the podium (you can see her throw her head up on the desking side and goes directly there. But you go back into Room #2 again without finishing Room #1.


    Angie is working really hard! But areas for improvement have mostly to do with working the problems as you see the changes of behavior and effectively covering your search area and *clearing* the rest of the space before moving onto the next area. It is debatable whether one should *push* dogs into corners or to work the edges of the room and probably better to *train* the dog to go there independently (thru successful hide placement searches) but in a time crunch and in competition you might consider making sure those areas are covered and IF you see changes of behavior like we did with the podium hide in the beginning, stop and work that area before moving on.

    In the beginning of our NW journey we are content to follow the dog. With only one hide, it’s easy. Even with two hides it’s still relatively easy. But when we get into the higher levels with more complicated challenges there comes a point where we need to ensure our dogs have covered the areas before we move on. Also, it’s not a bad thing for the dog to go back to a previous hide and even pay them again sometimes after working hard. They often use that hide to “triangulate” other hides in the area. I’m not sure if Angie has worked that skill yet but I wouldn’t automatically discount it and insist she move on if she goes back.

    You are far from being the “dork in the room!” 😀 I think it’s just going to take some practice breaking down each of the skills – corners, edges, converging, elevated, multiples, clearing a room, etc. – knowing what she looks like in those scenarios and trusting she will solve those challenges as they are presented.

    I think you and Angie will do well at Elite and I love that you’ve now discovered this! 🙂

    Kimberly Buchanan
    Joyride K9 Dog Training