Carolyn Murray

Okay – I’m going to start off with Scout’s exterior search from this past Saturday. First, a couple of points:

* This was a two-hide search area with potential for converging odor.
* The first hide was off to the right on the bench, which you briefly see when we start the search. This is why we started so far away from the columns.
* I’m only focusing on what she did at the stone column due to the length of time spent there (she found the other hide immediately after this one after a skateboarder whizzed by us. She was very good!).
* Hide aged for about 8 hours.
* The day was hot – about 90 degrees with 8 to 10 mph winds throughout the day. Humidity was down to 20% but rising as we searched that evening.

My comments on this search:
She appeared to be tracking as we enter the area. However, once she hit that column I think she found odor. She checked the other column to make sure nothing was there, and came back to the first column. The hide is on the front of the column (facing the camera) and during the search, it felt like there was an imaginary line that she would not cross to check out the front! Lol! The metal plaque on the back of the column covered the entire side. I imagined that odor was trapped behind it like a license plate? Seems to me that there was odor all over that column, but Scout didn’t catch a “line” until she finally stood up.

Overall I thought she did a nice job hunting. It was not my intention to have this hide be so difficult for her! However, I didn’t see signs of frustration that I used to see. My handling was rather poor and I let the leash get tangled around her for a bit. I like how she alerted on the biker then went right back to work.

Any other general comments about this kind of environment, observations about what she’s doing, etc, would be helpful in understanding why this might have been such a challenge.