Stefanie Alexander

Yes, this makes sense. The hide we missed was in the center of the back of the blue Vue. I agree: I needed to take her back to that area in the opposite direction as she did show interest twice. I also need to take control when Prim is hesitant.

I’ve been struggling with this issue–balance between letting Prim drive and yet being supportive and taking more control when it is neeeded–this is something I still need to master. For most of this class, I’ve been too heavy-handed….


Can You Hear Me Now: Exteriors. We tried three different exterior searches away from the house; however, Prim was just not into working and easily distracted. Due to time constraints, we taped this one on our large deck yesterday (same day as vehicle search). It chronologically is later, but the wind is still gusty, and seems to be blowing from the door side of the deck to the garden side of the deck (screen left to right).

I am pleased Prim has more zip in her step as we begin. She looks like she’s ready to go. Around 11 seconds, she correctly alerts on a low hide near a deck stair.

Continuing, she thoroughly searches, and even checks under the deck (sec 37-47), before circling the table a few times along with checking the rose bushes. I like that near the door, she does look high. Because her tail is wagging and I can see her licking her lips, I elect to wait her out to see if there’s another hide.

Summary: only one hide. Did I wait too long to call this one? Could that low hide be pooling diagonally across where she was checking under the deck?

Time: My guess 2:00 and real time is 2:15.