Stefanie Alexander

    Thanks for the clarification. Prim is fairly odor obedient and doesn’t false alert consistently. I should have asked ahead of time if my helper could say “no.” No other classmate videos were yet posted with this issue, so I failed to ask as I just didn’t anticipate this being an issue. My bad.

    Where I was at during the taping: in the video, there is a black worm farm (I’m an avid gardner). On the first rotation, Prim shows interest in this on the peripheral (second 10). On the second go around, she seemed to linger and I suspect that you are right: I thought worm farm and scent cone. Boom. And big miss and sink. I need to leave my baggage at the airport, yes 🙂

    Overall, I do think that this exercise would have been more successful with the garage door open–it was hot and it was still in the search. Yes, there would have been a breeze. But yes, this could have been a more useful scenario.

    I like your idea about “the look.” I will try to get this before rewarding…sounds like a plan. Stay tuned.

    Again, I appreciate your keen observation and honest assessment. Many thanks!