Kimberly Buchanan

I think you did a great job of staying out of her way. Sure, it could have been smoother but the bottom line is the tangles didn’t even seem to deter Prim and she kept working. You were not as influential with this search and it wasn’t needed in this case. Reserve the body pressure for when you feel it is necessary.

I think you were smart to reward when you did and I liked seeing Prim figuring out the problem, even if it meant going around the pole a few times! The only suggestion I would make is after you paid her for finding the hide you could have done a couple of different things;

(a) Held a reward up at the hide and asked Prim to go UP to get the reward again or
(b) WAITED (w/o a cue) for Prim to get more insistent of the location of the hide location and re-pay

You have to decide if she would be hesitant to go up w/o prompting (some dogs won’t put their feet on something like a pole). You could do (a), then meld into (b) so she gets multiple rewards for something she might find difficult. This reinforces her driving to source, even if she can’t put her nose on the actual hide. Or choose something that helps with that reinforcement. 🙂

Kimberly Buchanan
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