Sarah Sorlien

Thanks, Kim, I have printed out the lessons.

I had worked on the high hides with my 4 year old grandson as a videographer with amusing, but unpublishable, results. I don’t have a lot of places on the property for the higher hides, and my subsequent locations/trials sans four year olds were pretty much a disaster. She was scratching frequently and lost interest. Maybe it was too much for one day, too hot or whatever.

I think Lily needs to get back to basics on odor obedience with some easy paired hides and before I do more advanced work for a little bit. I am going to work on some of these exercises daily then return to finish lesson 4. Hopefully I can get video of the last two parts over the week.

I may not be able to get any more of the exercises videotaped before the end of the course, but you have given me an excellent road map.