Kimberly Buchanan

Yes, this is a 6-week course that is set to run from Monday May 9th thru Sunday June 19th, right before I head to Oregon Camp.

I have lesson #5 ready to go and I’m going to post it but in the previous course it was following a group of dogs who had some trouble with the elevated hides. Since I’ve not seen everyone’s searches with the high hides, I’m going to just give you the exercises for the lesson and give you a choice whether to complete them now or to wait until later.

Lesson #6 will require a “helper” since we’re going to deal with the unknown number of hides in all 4 different elements. Some of you may need some time to get someone to help. It’s a super valuable lesson, tho’, and I really want to take the opportunity to discuss it and what you see in each others dogs as well as your own.

So I’m going to post both of them and give you the option of doing them in order or out of sequence. You may need to “finish” Lesson 5 to have access to Lesson 6.

Kimberly Buchanan
Joyride K9 Dog Training