Susanne Howarth

    This is an area where we have had agility classes for 4-1/2 years of her 5-1/2 year life, so this is almost as much “home” as our back yard!

    In regards to your comment about covering the area, that concern was pretty much exactly what I was getting at in my Silver thread comment about how do we define the search area. It’s all well and good when we know where the hides are and how many we have set, but in a blind search, I’d likely have behaved much differently — not sure I even would have noticed that head toss towards the first hide on her way into the area!

    And yes, I’ve kind of wondered the past week or two whether Blackie might be developing a habit of “cataloging” the hides first, then telling me about them. Is that a bad habit? Anything we should do to elicit more immediate alerts, without the cataloging process?