Susanne Howarth

    In regards to the distractions, no, I think Blackie is jinxed. First the siren as her nose crossed the start line at her NW2 trial. Then I discover that the gophers are still in the back yard — AFTER setting up the search area. In this video, there were absolutely NO kids, no adults, no bouncing balls when Biscuit searched, and nothing but distractions for this video! I suppose I should be glad for these challenges, because it surely should help make her “bulletproof” when we need it!

    Yes, that end bit is pretty fun to watch. From my perspective, I notice her getting a bit frustrated and almost starting to tell me she can’t find it, it’s too tough a problem. See the way she shakes her head back and forth between the two wheels, and gives a little mouthy yip? Of course, that’s just about the moment that she realizes that she CAN do it, and commits to the correct wheel.