Stefanie Alexander

Merging Vehicles #B: This is filmed on the other side of the school in the parking lot. You can hear the wind howling as well as see the cottonwood flying. Prim is very excited to work and has a definite, enthusiastic bounce in her step as we begin. She does a great job of locating hide #1 (7 seconds). She begins to go around that same vehicle and you can see her head turn as she moves to the diagonal of the second vehicle, thus locating hide #2 (16 seconds). She revisits and then begins to move around the black Vue; I’m certain the way she’s working that she will get the third hide located in the middle (41 seconds or so). However, she clearly false alerts on the back wheel well instead (46 seconds or so). I’m thrilled she isn’t frustrated and she does keep working back and forth, high and low, determined to locate that hide located on the middle seam. She does so. I’m thinking the odor from hides #1 and #2 are blowing strongly across from the other side, thus giving her a great challenge.