Stefanie Alexander

For Merging Vehicles, I opted to use a long line. I find that I am too controlling with a shorter leash in a bigger space and I want Prim to be able to move. The trick will be staying out of her way! All three of these (A-C) were taped today, Memorial Day, but at different nearby locations using all three odors. It is 70 degrees, partly sunny, and very blustery. Note: we only own two vehicles, so in order to do the exercises requiring three, we were creative 🙂 Also, since these were in high traffic public areas on a holiday weekend, the odor did not cook long. We pretty much arrived, set up the search area, taped/worked, and left to the next location.

Merging Vehicles #A: This is at a school near a soccer field. The hides are triangulated on each of the vehicles as well as the metal gate. Prim easily finds hide #1 on the blue Vue around 8 seconds. I believed she would move to the next vehicle and surprisingly to me, she went to the gate (19 seconds or so) for hide #2. The wind is swirling and she does leave the search area, but returns. I suspect the odor was over there, but I also know that rock is a frequent potty area for many neighborhood dogs. Around 48 seconds, you can tell by my feet placement that I want us as a team to move right; however, Prim is working and clearly wants to go around the blue Vue again, working diligently. Around 1:05, I ask her to go to the other vehicle and she does. Notice how I’m moving toward the front wheel of the black Vue and she moves correctly toward the middle of the vehicle, thus locating the hide 🙂

LOL: Windy conditions and my hair is literally standing straight up as the video ends.