Susanne Howarth

    I’m struggling with this same question, and the idea of using other large objects as pseudo-vehicles doesn’t necessarily help: we don’t own any such objects, and therefore we would need to drive to a location where one could be found, which in turn would mean I’d only have one of our two vehicles available, again taking me back to not having the requisite number of “vehicles.” (Forgive me for whining, Kim!)

    I’m also concerned, because the girls and I leave a week from tomorrow for CPE Agility Nationals, and will be gone for a week, so I’d like to be able to get ahead — or at least keep up — with the demands of this course. Kim: I assume you will be posting our next lesson today or tomorrow. Once that happens, would it be OK to skip ahead to that lesson, and then wait to find a suitable situation for doing lesson 3? Or does that mess up your training objectives? (I think I can perhaps get access to a third vehicle sometime this week — but it’s likely to be a day or two from now…)

    Alternatively, could three of our large LA trash bins (i.e., the residential bins), lined up side by side, with no space in between, be considered to make a pseudo-vehicle? If so, then I can go out and practice today!