Sarah Sorlien

Right now when I know there is another hide Lily hasn’t found, I have her keep searching. She does eventually find it, but has often not given me any indication that there was a problem she couldn’t solve. The challenge is to know when to stop. You aren’t certain unless there are three… Of course you can use the clock to tell you when to stop, but that doesn’t sound like a recipe for success.

On the other hand, I have been working the low hides with Lily and she can have trouble with those. She clearly finds the odor but can’t source. Sometimes she is standing right on top of the hide! I can see from that if she seems to find something she can’t identify that is low I can help her by moving her around the area (because she is probably standing on it!)

I think (maybe) I can differentiate when she senses there is odor but can’t source it as different from when she has found them all. At least I hope I can. That seems to be the secret.