Stefanie Alexander

    Prim High and Low Containers: This is on the large deck and off leash. There are 20 containers. The hides have cooked over 1.5 hours and are in the large blue luggage pieces as well as the red and green bags. Prim seems pretty efficient at searching the entire area, both high and low, and committing to the odors. After she finds all four, she again goes back to the ones that have odors and seems rather emphatic that she’s found them all and wants to be paid. Yikes: I said “Yes” again. 🙁 Then I praise.

    One quick question: I noticed that after she finds hide #1, I re-cue and as she begins to pounce, I point forward. Is this something to avoid doing? Paradoxically, I did and did not mean to lead her… 🙂