Kimberly Buchanan

One of the things I noticed in this video – and as I went back to review part A I saw the same – is that you stay essentially in the middle of the search area, acting as a “hub” of the search, letting Lily span out from where you are positioned. What can happen, and we see this, is when Lily gets to the end of the leash, she doesn’t always try to get further. We see early on in the last video with the elevated hides that she spends a lot of time off camera, I’m guessing working out and away from the hides (which is good). In this search there is one occasion in particular where she hits the end of the leash near a hide but doesn’t make it to the other side of the bag so doesn’t source the odor.

Look at the section in the very beginning. At (:07), Lily is pulling towards the hide to the far right. Your leash pressure and position seem to influence her to not go further. In fact, you aren’t moving at all, just letting her strain at the leash. She even gets to the actual bag at (:08) but again, not to the outside right of the bag, doesn’t source odor and leaves. It all happens very quickly but I wonder if there is significance here?

Lily nicely locates the first hide in the furthest bag, working between containers that it is blowing on. (She works from down-wind but picks off the hide furthest out first.)

Now we see Lily ranging out again, off camera to the left. In fact, your leash drops and as you pick it up again, Lily comes back. Was she working surfaces for other odors? Did she come back to you because the leash tension changed? I dunno? She does make it out there later and we see her travel to the right at one point. (All off camera. 😉 )

The other thing that strikes me is with the last 2 hides, Lily is NEAR odor and looks at you both times. At the second hide, she looks at you at (:37), you move and she finds the hide at (:44). With the last hide, she goes back to the right side, catches odor at the bag NEXT TO the odor bag and looks at you expectantly (1:04). You know where the hide is, so you don’t give her any feedback and then she scratches. (Signature scratch!) Shortly afterwards she finds the 3rd and final hide at (1:15).

I’m not sure what this all means, but I’m starting to see some “things” happening.

I have to wonder what would have happened with these searches if she was off-leash? Would she stay off camera for longer or would she work the hides faster?

Also – you note in your comments that there is a hide on the side of a tall trash container and that you didn’t want to reward Lily for putting her head inside the container. Why not? If we’re talking about Containers, anyplace on that container is correct, right? 🙂


Kimberly Buchanan
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