Stefanie Alexander

    We filmed this next series on the same day and on the deck again. For future exercises, we can take Prim to a more neutral location with concrete–great suggestion. She seems to be getting her groove back 🙂

    Prim High Container: This is on our large deck and off leash. There are 15 boxes. The hides have cooked just a tad over and hour are in the two large blue luggage pieces as well as a box adjacent to the door (almost a threshold). Temperature: it was cooler yesterday (65 degrees outside; 80 degrees in the sun on this deck). Wind was minimal.

    After getting the initial hide near the doorway, Prim false alerts twice. I move her along. She finally settles in and gets to work. She alerts on hide #2 and is rewarded. As she begins to move toward hide #3, I trip on a bucket handle, but do reward as I believed at the time she was in odor (and I’ve been slow in the past).

    After all hides are found, Prim goes back to both Hides #2 and #1, wagging her nubbins. I call it as she seems to me to be indicating that she’s found them all. I want to end positively, thus my urge to call it and verbally praise.