Kimberly Buchanan

    Oh my gosh! Those are a lot of boxes super close together! That can create an added challenge, for sure!

    I guess you have found Lily’s best reward: bread. Might be something there….

    Ok, about the search; You start out with a nice fast payment as soon as Lily gets to odor. Yeah!

    Then the bread distractor was obviously a bit much for her, so whatever you do, you need to find a reward that trumps that. Even if you recognize the behavior, she completely stopped searching for our target odors. If she is obsessed about a distractor this will kill you trying to keep her focused on searching unless she has incentive. For some dogs I let them investigate the distractor and CHOOSE to continue searching. For Lily I would definitely move her along faster. FWIW, Lily spends from (:07) when she detects the box w/bread until (1:39) when she starts searching again. That’s a lot of time lost in a search.

    (Also – as a side-note, in training you could have just removed that box sooner if you realized it was going to be too hard to move her on. 🙂 )

    You mention a tennis ball as a distractor, what was the 3rd? I didn’t notice her being too interested in the other boxes aside from the bread and odor.

    You do a very nice job of paying Lily quickly. The only thing missing is the “not” paying for 30-60 seconds to see what behavior is elicited. Does she range out, does she false on a blank box, does she try to get back to the bread box?

    Lily did a terrific job of ignoring the traffic. Yikes, that’s loud! 🙂

    Kimberly Buchanan
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