Gina Baker

Hi, I am Gina and my four legger sidekick is Kalli; she is a 9 1/2 yr old Aussie mix rescue and has been a real challenge. She looks just like a Border collie, although she does not have the intensive or the high energy of either breed, she needed a job, walks and toys were just not enough. And on top of that, she is reactive to people and dogs. While working on her being reactive, we tried several different things, and then hit upon Nose Work – it has been a really good fit for both of us. It also is the first dog sport I have ever done. Have had dogs in the past that were always just companions. Kalli and I have been doing Nose Work for just over 4 1/2 years earning our NW1 last June. Took us a couple times, but of course it was not Kalli – she did her job – it was Mom and her nerves as to never being in competition before. Never thought we would be able to come this far……but here we are and very excited to continue to learn and have fun.