Hi Lisa – congratulations on getting your title that day! 🙂

Ok, first question I have is whether you have a startline routine? This is an oddly placed start and I wonder if you’d held Kelly there slightly if she’d have evaluated the space before your time started? (Not all dogs do well stopping so I’m not sure if you had that in mind?)

Second question: Do you have a plan for containers or do you normally let her go at her own pace and direction? (I get LOST so it’s hard for me to be sure we’ve covered everything.)

To break it down:

So we know there is only one hide in the search area but by not taking that moment at the start line Kelly just zooms into the search area and begins investigating the containers at the opposite end and then heads to the double door, which appears to be an exit? I’m guessing there is probably a lot of odor drifting over to that side.

Kelly checks the corner box but skips the upright suitcase, skims the next box, checks the flat red bag and the other corner box then approaches the black corner (odor) bag. Do you see the minute head tip at (:11) towards the tall suitcase? NICE that she continued to the odor bag and very clearly indicated there was odor.

You do a nice job of making sure she checks every single container (she missed that middle low bag until the end) and then called finish. Good work! 🙂 Kelly moved quickly through the space but she did seem to investigate each container as she moved along and/or you made sure to cover it later.

One other comment is regarding your leash. It appears you have a monster long line in your hand! 😉 I would suggest experimenting with different leash lengths and reduce that amount by at least half. You can pay out the line as needed but you don’t risk having a tangled bundle that you really don’t need. (Now, if you’re coming/going to a large Exterior search, that may be a factor in what to use.)

What are your thoughts, Lisa?

Kimberly Buchanan
Joyride K9 Dog Training