Great work with the motivational search for Molly! She’s wagging her tail and looks very happy with lots of success. I think you could even go in and reward faster, BEFORE she paws or looks at you. 🙂

So it’s interesting that this latest Lesson was interpreted as a container search! My intent was Interior and Exterior element searches. We see Molly heading towards the elevated hide around the (:30) mark after checking a lingering hide on the short stool but she’s then drawn to the container on the floor near the tall stool. I think that was one of the lingering locations? Once Molly makes her way back to the front of the search area, she again seems to catch odor and from the pink object works up to the stool. Good choice when to pay her!

I think we didn’t get out of this exercise what I’d intended, which was to see where the dogs catch odor when it’s elevated in an interior space. The location of lingering odor and containers (objects to search) may have confused things a bit. Not a bad thing in general to work through but not really what I was hoping to have you work through.

I’ll give you a choice if you’d rather move on to the next exercise or try this one again?

Kimberly Buchanan
Joyride K9 Dog Training