Donna Ewing

    Temp was a little cooler – lower 90s tonight. Wind was at 4 mph from the SE. I do think the wind swirls some because there are walls on three sides. There were three combo odors (one tip of each birch, anise, and clove). The odor is in the leather purse, the red sack, and the small black fabric container.

    Darcie caught the odor on the leather purse immediately with a head snap at :04. The odor was in an outside zippered pocket that was left unzipped a tiny fraction – I figured odor would have a hard time passing through leather. She passes the red bag and I don’t know what caught her attention in the mulch at :21. She then bypasses the third odor at :31. I really think Darcie likes to search out most (if not all) the containers before committing sometimes. She finally turns back to the red sack at :40. The odor is deep in an outside pocket. Then she goes to a clear container and stays and stays there. I have no idea why but I’m not sure where that container came from. I have no idea what all has been in it. BUT – she didn’t alert on it so it was good to see how she reacted to it versus true odor! She finally leaves it at 1:23. At 1:31 she finally hits on the last odor. The tin is zipped in the fabric container.

    Interesting observation. For boxes – Darcie paws at the odor boxes. For other containers she stops and looks at me. All in all I was pleased how Darcie searched these low containers – she does seem to search the outside seams a lot. Again I did this offlead due to the limited area and number of containers.