“I wanted to let you know how much I appreciate you offering these online video courses! The “Troubleshooting NW2/NW3 for Competitors” course has been the most useful training tool I have found to date, short of a live seminar. In fact, in many respects better than a live seminar – with multiple videos and your timely feedback over a span of weeks, we have TIME in a course like this to take in what you are telling us, watch the videos again (and again), think about what you’ve pointed out, have discussions and then send in another video and get yet more feedback. I LOVE video training now that I’ve tried it! I am so glad we will continue to have access to the course material and videos for a good while after the course is over, too. I’m really glad someone of your caliber (training, experience and insight) is doing these courses – PLEASE keep them up! Don’t give NACSW competitors a reason to look elsewhere for online training!”
~ Deb (De) & Baxter (standard Dachshund, AK)

“I recently completed Kim’s online course NW501:  Troubleshooting for NW2/3 Competitors.  Living in Montana, with no access to a CNWI, has made Nosework a challenge.  I enrolled as a Gold Member, and the course provided me with valuable information and coaching from one of NACSW’s best instructors.  Kim viewed my videos with her expert eye for the details of a search and gave super helpful advice on how to better read my dog, improve my handling, and set up future searches.  I became rather addicted; I found myself checking the class forum several times a day to see if there were any new videos posted or if Kim had made any new comments. I also learned alot by comparing experiences with other NW competitors via the discussion forum.  Whether a handler has limited training resources, like me, or has access to a CNWI and classes, I highly recommend Kim’s online classes.  Just make sure your house is clean and your laundry is up to date BEFORE you start.”
~ Holly Hoover & Airyn NW3, Chyler NW1,  L1V

Kim’s class was very helpful to me in recognizing my dog’s style  of searching.  We had fun as well as learning a great deal.  Her comments are on point in a positive way.  It was wonderful to have her comments identify specific points in time that my dog hit odor.  Her comments made me much more aware of the complete search.  Thanks Kim!”
~ Sue Davis & Gracie (English Cocker Spaniel, FL)