Course Details

Welcome to our online courses for the activity and sport of K9 Nose Work®. Some may be in progress now, some will be coming in the future. For a more detailed listing of what is coming up in the near future, visit the ENROLLMENT page. You will need to be registered as a JoyrideK9 Student (n/c) in order to register for a class. If you have questions, please contact us at

The courses that may be offered throughout the year could include:

    • NW101: Intro to K9 Nose Work® – For the student wishing to learn from the beginning (no odor). START HERE for anyone who is brand new-. (LIMITED OFFERING)
    • NW102: Beginning K9NW Coaching – Progressing from their first Intro class, this level will work on the dog’s education as well as focusing on the handler part of the equation. It might require more than one session for the dog to progress to odor. If you have just begun training (with or without odor) but do not have a lot of miles on your dog or your teamwork, you could choose to begin here. (LIMITED OFFERING)
    • NW103: Novice K9NW Coaching – For the student whose dog is working with odor, paired or unpaired, who wishes to continue to their first ORT and to the NW1 competition level, this is where you would be. Alternatively, students who have attended an Intro course(s) using the K9NW methodology with their dog’s primary reward AND is ready to be introduced to odor can join in and we’ll get dogs on the right path. (Please contact me prior to signing up if this is your situation.) For anyone who started with a different methodology and whose dog is already on odor this may be the place to start. (LIMITED OFFERING)
    • NW201: Intermediate K9NW Coaching – For the student who has achieved their NW1 title and wishes to progress to the NW2 level with the addition of Anise odor and more challenges.
    • NW301: Advanced K9NW Coaching – For the student who has achieved their NW2 title and wishes to progress to the NW3 level with all 3 odors (Birch, Anise, Clove) and the advanced training challenges presented at this level. Students will remain at this level until they acquire their NW3 Elite title.
    • NW5xx: Specialty K9NW Coaching – These courses will be customized as needed. They may include multiple elements (vehicles, interior, exterior, container) and are divided by challenge. Most are 3 week courses but I do occasionally extend them to 6 weeks or a Part B for an additional 3 weeks if requested. This is the current list of possible Skill-Building courses:
      • MW501+: Troubleshooting
      • NW510M: Sourcing Skills
      • NW520M: Distractors
      • NW525: Back to Basics (This is a 6-week course)
      • NW530M: Rewards & Timing
      • NW540M: Reading Your Dog
      • NW550M: Inaccessible Hides
      • NW560M: Converging and Pooling Odors
      • NW570M: Senior and Special Needs Dogs
      • NW580M: Search Area Strategies
      • NW590M: Leash Handling
    • NW601: Elite & Beyond – This is where Elite level competitors will get to discuss and train for the top level of NACSW/K9NW competitions.
    • Movie Week! – This is a 1-week course to review videos of your choice! The format will be the same as regular courses with GOLD/SILVER/BRONZE levels with limited numbers. (No assignments or lessons in this course). Each GOLD student may submit up to 3 videos for review.
    • SOTMC – Sniff of the Month Club is offered quarterly with search topics. One lesson per month, appropriate for all levels. (Silver only $25/mo.) CURRENTLY ON HIATUS
    • CE9xx: Continuing Education for NACSW Instructors – This is a new offering, exclusively through cooperation with NACSW to bring educational opportunities for CEU’s and ongoing training – you must have a special level of student membership and I will verify your current instructor status with NACSW prior to class participation.
    • PL___: Private Lessons, tailored to the individual. I can assist NACSW instructors with their classes, lessons and students and I can help with individual challenges you’re having with your own dog. I think you may have better learning by a 3- or 6-week course and observing others but Private Lessons are an option if you prefer. ($75/session, forum discussion and video presentation format) Please contact me and if it’s something I can help you with I will send you the link for payment –
    • (OTHER COURSES may be available from time to time, depending on demand.)

Each 1, 3 & 6-week course will have 3 levels of access: Gold, Silver and Bronze:




Gold level students have full access to the course materials, submit videos and post questions with feedback on their own threads as well as the “classroom” forum. This is basically a private lesson that is observed by others and w/ access to everything in the course.

Silver level students have access to the course materials, can view the Gold member threads and may post questions and receive feedback only within the “classroom” forum. They may also engage in other topical discussions.

Bronze level students have access to the course materials, the Gold member threads and “classroom” forum but are essentially “Auditors” so may not post questions or comments.




Limited to 12

Limited to 25


Each course will be manually processed to be sure you’re entered at the correct level. You must first sign up as a student by going to our REGISTRATION page. Then you may go to any upcoming course and sign up with some info about you and your dog. We will send you an email – ideally no more than 24 hours later – with your course links and more information. If you have trouble signing up, you can check out the HELP page or email me at!