Life is always an adventure

(Appreciating the kindness of friends & strangers)

I’m a pretty independent person. I do many things for myself from fixing the refrigerator, the dryer, minor plumbing, etc. There are times, however when it’s really nice to have the help of others when it’s really needed. I was luckily blessed this weekend in ways that remind me of the goodness in people.

This was a big weekend of teaching for me. Every month for the past several years I have rented a facility to teach a weekend of K9 Nose Work clinics. It’s a juggle as to what levels are offered and who is there on any given day. It’s exhausting but a great teaching opportunity. I have to bring all the dogs because I leave the house about 5am on Saturday, drive about an hour, set up, teach, then drive home, usually arriving home between 8-10 pm, turnaround and do the same on Sunday.

On Saturday one of my students happened to notice my front tire had worn down to reveal some of the steel belt. Yikes!! So he and another student put on the full size spare for me. Fortunately, he lives very close to me so he followed me most of the way home on the freeway to ensure I arrived safely. He also generously offered to let me borrow his car the next day. It seemed things would be fine and with the dogs I was willing to risk it with my own car so I could stick to the routine. I’d just head to Costco on Monday morning to have two new tires put on.

Well, little did I know the adventure was only starting….

I had just gotten off the freeway and was nearly to the facility at 6am this morning when the spare tire went completely flat. Pancake flat. Salvador Dali flat.

I called Auto Club and learned that they don’t send service out with new tires. Who knew? Bummer. So I contemplated my options as I waited about 25 minutes for the tow truck. A very pleasant young man arrived, loaded my truck and towed all of us to the facility. With no other choices he put the bad tire back on the car. I set up to teach and started my first class of the day.

Between classes I was able to determine that Costco Tire dept. is open until 6 pm on Sundays and the closest one had my tires in stock. As it was, my classes were supposed to run until 7pm. Rather than getting towed again, 57 miles home and still needing to deal with the situation I contacted my students, cancelled my last class and headed to Costco at the end of my day with another student following. Unfortunately I arrived too late to have tires installed and it’s against their policy to have any animals in the cars they service. Oh, and with AWD I needed FOUR tires, not just two. Ok then….

I must’ve convinced them I was desperate because I got my tires, the spare traded out and the other good tire to use as a spare for my other car. It cost me a fortune but the dogs and I were on the road home before 6pm and the task is done!

Auto Club once again proves its value by sending great road side service. Costco Tire saved me from a long tow home and having to deal with this on Monday morning. And I’m grateful to my friends/students for looking out for me, volunteering to help me in a myriad of ways and checking in to be sure everything is ok.

I feel very fortunate, adventures and all.

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